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Kobold Names

If you have ever wanted to name your little kobold, or you're thinking of doing so, there are a number of different options. These include both male and female options. There are even some names that are very specific to the kobold, and others that you can use for any type of kobold.

'Starfire' is a female name

Starfire is a female kobold name from the Bloodfang Tribe. She has waist-length fiery-red hair with short bangs and large green eyes.

In the show, her powers are tied to emotions. For instance, she is capable of releasing stored solar energy as a powerful omni-directional explosive burst. This is the least of her problems, and in fact she tries to befriend others, especially Robin.

Her real name is Koriand'r. However, she is also called Ternt'Dar. It is said that the Lizardfolk gave her the name because of secret bone mold looting.

She is a scout. She can climb trees, use her bow, and is a good lookout. She is also very good at raiding trade routes and isolated Gnome settlements.

Starfire's costume is a lot less revealing than her comic counterpart. She wears a purple two-piece outfit.

She is a tall girl. She can use her star bolts and flying abilities to hurl them at enemies while in the air. While she does not know Earth as well as her Titan counterparts, she is highly skilled at navigating her way through it.

Her powers include her ability to store solar energy and convert it into "starbolts" that she hurls at opponents. Some say her powers are the best of all.

Starfire has a naive yet sophisticated sense of self. She has been married twice. And she has had some pretty interesting romantic relationships. Until the show's finale, she was too afraid to admit her feelings.

'Kobold Ranger' is a versatile lookout and scout

The Kobold Ranger is a well rounded scout with a keen eye for detail. He is an adept climber, and can scout the local area with ease. His ability to detect and use traps makes him a valuable asset to any group.

One of his more impressive feats is using a Draconic Roar to boost his attacks against creatures within 10 feet of him. Despite the fact that they aren't much to look at, they are surprisingly agile and quick. Their ability to navigate their surroundings is another good thing.

They are capable of creating small tunnels and a system to keep them from falling down. For the most part, they have standard sunlight sensitivity, but they do have one notable exception. A group of Kobolds will not run away from the fight if they have to.

The best thing about the Kobold Ranger is the variety of skills he possesses. Although he is not a great marksman, he does excel at using his bow. There are some Kobolds that can even sling a boomerang.

A Kobold Ranger is one of the best scouts around. Their abilities to scout the area and identify hidden objects are well suited to a ranger's role. If you are looking for a scout with a little extra kick, the Kobold Ranger may be the kobold for you. This is a class that will make you look like a hero when you are out on the job.

'Kobold' comes from german mythology

Kobolds are mythical creatures of Germanic folklore. They are usually small, human-like men, but they can also take the form of animals, plants or even objects.

Kobolds are sprite-like figures who are considered household helpers. In this role, they perform tasks and services for the family, usually in the night. They are said to be capable of making themselves invisible at will. However, they are not always good omens. A kobold can be malicious and can inflict disease and death on someone who offends it.

Typical kobolds live in the houses and ships of humans. They are often seen wearing black or red clothing. When people aren't careful, they can accidentally offend the kobold.

Although kobolds aren't very common, they do appear in many fantasy themed games. These include Magic: The Gathering and the Dark Age of Camelot. There is even a playable kobold race in Dungeons and Dragons.

Kobolds are typically depicted as male human-like beings who are known to be master shape shifters. They are usually harmless. But they can be shrewd and malicious. For example, if they are insulted, they can play tricks on the person.

There are three different types of kobolds. These are mine helpers, crude miners and domesticated helpers. Each type has its own particular traits and characteristics.

Mine kobolds are given names similar to Chimmeken, Cornish Knocker or Walther. They are described as smaller than humans and are said to arrive through wood that was used in the construction of ships.

'Kobold' is a single syllable with the glan name preceding the first name

In the ancient Greek language, the word kobold is a term of art. It's an adjective, and the adjective means "large" or "largest". A kobold is a creature that is stout and mole-like. They are also akin to a Drow.

There are three factions of kobolds. They are the crude miners, the sea kobolds, and the kobolds that live in the O'Ghomoro mountains in northern Vylbrand. The kobolds that live in O'Ghomoro are referred to as "fomorians" or "nightwalkers."

In the Germanic language, the word kobold can be translated as kabouter or brownie. It's an adjective derived from the suffix -olt, indicating supernatural origin. However, kobolds were not widely accepted until the 13th century.

The kobold has been described as a stout mole-like creature that appears to walk on four legs. They are said to have the capability to transform into animal form. Although they are often referred to as ill-tempered, they can actually be quite helpful. For example, they are known to add dirt to milk jugs.

There are a few kobolds whose ancestry remains a mystery. One of them is named Hodeken. He was written about in a book by Thomas Keightley. Another is called a kobaloi. This was a sprite-like creature which was invoked by followers of Dionysus.

The kobold has also been compared to the Roman idea of penates, or lares. Like the lares, the kobold can carry a bag and even cook for the master of the house.

'Kobold' is a male name

A Kobold is a fictional creature that can be found in the Dungeons & Dragons online game. This animal has characteristics that are similar to humans, such as humanlike eyes and scale skins. These creatures also lay ambushes, dig mines, and build traps.

They are generally invisible, but they can materialize in human form. Their physical might is far greater than their masters.

Kobolds were originally created to serve as slaves. However, they quickly surpassed their masters in intelligence and cruelty.

Kobolds are known for their ability to construct traps and ambushes. Whether they are alive or dead, they can materialize as a candle or a human.

There are several types of Kobolds, such as the Bronze-Copper tribe, which is known for its smithing skills. Its members are good at raiding trade routes and isolated Gnome settlements.

Kobolds are also known for their cruelty. When insulted, kobolds will play a malicious trick. Other kobolds, such as those from the Bloodfang Tribe, practice cannibalism.

If you want to create a powerful kobold, choose a name that is strong and easy to pronounce. Choose a name from the list below.

Kobolds are also known to be xenophobic. They are industrious and confident in their separation from other races.

Choosing a kobold name is important for players, since a kobold's name can indicate a character's behavior. Choosing the right name is a matter of culture and knowledge of the race.

'Kobold' is a skilled Bowkobold

Kobolds are a small, scaly, and humanoid race. They are found in both the forest and underground warrens. Although they are a low-level creature, they have a great deal of skill and are adept at mining. Often they will scout for hidden objects and make ambushes for other creatures.

Kobolds are a medium sized creature with scaly skin and sensitive claws. They can easily move four hexes in a single turn. The base speed of kobolds is 30 feet, but they can also burrow up to 20 feet.

These creatures have a strong affinity to magic. They can learn to read the Draconic language. In addition, they can read and write Common. They can also speak many other languages if they choose to acquire additional linguistics skill ranks.

Although they are extremely cautious, kobolds do not always fight fair. Many of them have been hired by human communities to dig sewer tunnels. However, they are not always paid for their work.

A Kobold will work hard to complete their project. Their skills are very good at disassembling and creating trap mechanisms. Most kobolds gain a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Disable Device skill checks.

Kobolds are excellent miners and gearsmiths. They can create tunnels and ambushes. Since they are not used to the sun, they have a disadvantage on their attack rolls in sunlight.

Kobolds have excellent night vision and a keen sense of smell. They can detect twice as far as a hume in dim light.

So many ideas, but can I use the kobold names for free?

All random kobold names created with this tool are 100% free to use without any need to provide credit (although we do appreciate the occasional shoutout). Be a little careful though, as there is always a small chance that an idea already belongs to someone else.

Is there a limit to how much I can generate with this random Kobold Name Generator?

There's thousands of kobold names in this Kobold Name Generator, so you won't need to be worried that we'll run out anytime soon. Just have fun with it.

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