randomnamegenerators.com Privacy Policy

Random Name Generators uses a privacy-first, self-hosted web tracking solution called umami to track visits to the website and clicks on some buttons. This for me is important to see if running this platform is worth my time and effort, and it's nice to know that it does this in a way that will never let me identify you. Umami does not store any personally identifiable information.

If you feel I should know who you are, please write me an email at [email protected] Always happy to talk!

Display advertising is done with Google AdSense

In order to keep the lights on, I allow Google AdSense to display advertisements on randomnamegenerators.com. If you are in a legislation zone that requires explicit consent to be given for this, you will be shown an overlay that lets you manage this.

Furthermore, AdSense requests for the following information to be listed on this page:

That should about sum it up. Enjoy using the site and tools!

Best wishes, Martin Hooijmans

Last edited on 2022-04-19