Privacy Policy

Random Name Generators uses a privacy-first and super lightweight web tracking solution called Cabin to track visits to the website and clicks on some buttons. This for me is important to see if running this platform is worth my time and effort and to help make improvements, and it's nice to know that it does this in a way that will never let me identify you. Cabin does not store any personally identifiable information.

If you feel I should know who you are, please write me an email at [email protected]. Always happy to talk!

Supporting the site is handled by KoFi

If you enjoy using the site and would like to support its Go Green experiment that omits all 3rd-party ads and tracking except for Cabin, you can do so here: [/|KoFi]. KoFi has no trackers running on

That should about sum it up. Enjoy using the site and tools!

Best wishes, Martin Hooijmans

Last edited on 2023-05-06

No ads, green and privacy-first

This site serves no ads, runs on renewable energy and fully respects your privacy. The only way it earns is by accepting donations.

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You will also receive access to an enhanced experience over on my other site that includes a no-ad approach, unlimited access to all its current tools and DRM-free artwork.

Thank you!
- Martin

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