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10 tips for coming up with druid names

  1. Think of the different animal companions that a druid might have. Consider drawing inspiration from their name.
  2. Choose words from other languages or from nature to create unique and creative names.
  3. Combine two words together to create a unique combination of two words.
  4. Look at names of characters from ancient literature or mythology.
  5. Brainstorm a list of druid-related words, such as plants, animals, magic, etc. and see what combinations you can come up with.
  6. Take inspiration from celebrities, historical figures, or other legendary heroes.
  7. Make use of alliteration and rhymes to create catchy and memorable names.
  8. Use prefixes and suffixes to create names with more complex meanings.
  9. Think of words associated with the various elements a druid might interact with.
  10. Pick a name that’s easy to pronounce, as it will help people remember it.

Druid Names For Your Kids

A druid is a person who is in tune with the natural world and is able to channel the energies of nature to heal and protect others. In addition to being a natural healer, a druid can also be a guide, counselor, and teacher of the ways of the supernatural. Many people who identify as a druid have unique names. These names can range from Ogma, the faerie who teaches healing and magic to Guinevere, the mermaid who can channel power to heal and restore others.


Ogma is the name of an Irish-Celtic god of literature and learning. He is also the reputed inventor of the ancient Ogham alphabet. As such, he is an important figure in the mythology of Ireland.

In the Celtic mythology of Ireland, Ogma is a member of the Tuatha de Danann. Ogma was a warrior, poet, and a scholar. During the First Battle of Magh Tuiredh, Ogma is mentioned.

The name Ogma is derived from the Greek word Ogham, which means roots. Several cultures in Wales and Scotland revere Ogma as Goddess of Literature, a trait that is appropriate for the Tree Alphabet deity.

The Ogham alphabet has been used since hundreds of years BCE. It was the first written language of Ireland. It is composed of twenty symbols, corresponding to the names of twenty sacred trees to Druids.

The Ogham alphabet is widely thought to be the oldest alphabet in Ireland. Its origins are attributed to the Druid Priests. It was used for casting spells and divinations.

In the myths of Ireland, Ogma is often depicted as an elderly, learned figure. In some accounts, he is killed. However, in others, he appears as a savior. At the time of his death, he was the ruler of Airceltrai.


Druids are people who work with magic and mystical forces. They are also priests, teachers, and judges. Their names may be alluring and mysterious.

There are a variety of druid names. Some are very popular, while others sound more like warrior names. You can even find a few funny druid names.

Some of the more popular druid names include: Niamh, Aria, Eleanor, Cathbad, and Aoife. These are all popular across Europe. The druids also used the name Ella, which means "bright light". Besides being popular in Ireland and Scotland, the name can be found in German, Italian, and Greek ancestry.

The druid name Amaris is of Hebrew origin. It means "gifted by God". This name is used as a minor character in Fianna.

Another famous Druid girl name is Ella, a diminutive of the name Eleanor. It is also the name of a very popular character in the Forgotten Realms saga.

Druidism is a religion derived from Celtic beliefs. They were learned and respected warriors and priests of the old Celts. Throughout history, they were involved in the practice of magic and meditation.

Other popular druid names include Camma, Aria, Amergin, Boirag, and Amaris. All of these are based on mythological characters and have an interesting sound.


A druid name is a unique way to bring your kids into the world of magic. Druids are magical people who are associated with witchcraft, magic, and mystic crafts. They can cast attacking spells, as well as cast healing spells.

In the ancient Celtic world, Liath was a druidess and a member of the warrior clan Fianna. She was the foster mother of Fionn. Her real name was Liath Luachra. The warrior was also a teacher of hunting and warfare.

Other names of druids include Amergin, Bodhmall, and Valmoira. Each has a specific meaning. For example, Amergin is a bard in Irish mythologies. He was born of royal parents.

The druid goddess Dian Cecht was a healer in various cultures. She was also worshipped as a God of medicines. Another druid named Ogma was a well-known craftsman. Among her talents was the ability to handle fire.

The druid god Dagda was a powerful figure. His main temples were Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) and An Grianan of Aileach and Uisneach. As the king of the Dannan, he was the patron of all druids.

Fionn was a son of Muirne and Conn of the Hundred Battles. He was also the hero of the Boyhood Deeds of Fionn.


Druid names can have a wide variety of meanings. Some sound like warrior names while others have an angelic quality. The resounding effect of the name when spoken can create a magical feeling.

Druids usually name their daughters Niamh. This is a rare name that is popular in Ireland and Scotland.

Another famous Druid name is Amaris. It sounds like Sally. Isolde is a half-elf name. These names are popular in Irish folklore. Aoife and Aria are popular as well.

Another common name among druid women is Joyce. The name was originally used in Ireland. But it became popular in other regions as well. Several minor characters have been identified in Irish folktales with the name Jenny.

Other popular Druid names include Ari, Cathbad, Flidais, and Sefa. All of these have a mystical quality.

Unlike the popular 'Guinevere', the real one has a birthmark on her crown. She was a tamer of unicorns and touched objects. In a later version, she was a supplanter and the leader of a secret spy network.

Guinevere is also the wife of King Arthur. Her story has been compared to the Irish tale of Midir and Etain.


Druids can be named for a variety of reasons. Some names are alluring and mysterious. Others, such as Morgana, seem to be the opposite of alluring.

In the Arthurian era, Morgan le Fay was generally seen as a protective figure for King Arthur. Her powers are said to be inspired by the fairy magic of Celtic folklore. She is also a favored goddess in Welsh and Irish mythology.

Morgan is known to study nigremancie in a nunnery, but did not study with Merlin. When she was young, she married King Urien of Gor(r)e. Eventually, she became queen of the kingdom.

The first known work to link Morgan to Lady Igraine was written by French knight-poet Robert de Boron. In it, Morgan is an illegitimate daughter of Lady Igraine. As a sorceress, she is an enemy of Merlin.

Although her powers are unknown, she is considered the wisest woman in the world. She serves as a lady-in-waiting for King Arthur's high queen. Her name is also mentioned in Malory's poem The Battle of the Five Armies.

Although her powers are not revealed, she is widely feared. In her quest to overthrow Queen Guinevere, she tries to undermine the virtues of her master. This is one reason why she is not allowed to leave the Druids.


Druids are Celtic religious leaders who are associated with magic, mysticism and meditation. They are often associated with nature and can transform into animal forms, but they do not possess arrogance. Their powers are derived from nature and the forces that surround them. Using a druid name can give children a unique perspective into the world of magic.

Some famous druid names have been around for many years. One such name is from two millennia ago. Another famous name is from the Forgotten Realms saga. There is also a druid name from a book series.

One of the most popular druid names is Aria. This name comes from Gaelic and means song. It is popular in Ireland and Scotland. However, it is also used throughout Europe.

Another one is Amaris. This name means gifted by God. Several minor characters with this name have appeared in Irish folktales.

A druid name that was actually used was Ella. She was the daughter of Athamas, the daughter of Nephele. The word Ella can mean "shining brightly".

Another name of a druid is Wynna. She is a Welsh ancestor. It can also be spelled as Winnie.


Fionn mac Cumhaill is a popular Celtic druid name. Fionn was the son of Cumhall and Muirne. His early adventures are told in the Boyhood Deeds of Fionn. He later became known as Finn McCool.

Fionn mac Cumhaill was the son of the warrior druid, Cumhall. He was from the town of Ballyfin in County Laois. When he was a child, he had white hair and a bright light. But his father was killed.

His father, Cumhall, was the leader of the Fianna, a warrior band. Several druids were members of this warrior group. Liath Luachra taught the young Cumhal the arts of war. Then, Tadg, the druid master, sent a message to the High King of the Hundred Battles for help. However, the High King forbade Tadg and Muirne to be married. Conn then intervened.

Tadg mac Nuadat spurned suitors for Murine. When he was pregnant, he sought help from the High King. Fortunately, Conn intervened. The two of them were reunited. They had a beautiful daughter named Murine.

The Fianna were led by Goll Mac Morna. After the death of Fionn, Goll took over the leadership of the Fianna. He was the most powerful warrior in the band.

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All random druid names created with this tool are 100% free to use without any need to provide credit (although we do appreciate the occasional shoutout). Be a little careful though, as there is always a small chance that an idea already belongs to someone else.

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There's thousands of druid names in this Druid Name Generator, so you won't need to be worried that we'll run out anytime soon. Just have fun with it.

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