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10 tips for coming up with Aztec names

  1. Research historical Aztec names and incorporate the cultural references they imply.
  2. Brainstorm ideas based on Aztec mythology and gods.
  3. Look to Aztec artifacts, art and hieroglyphic writing for inspiration.
  4. Form compound names by combining two or more words.
  5. Consider meaningful words with Aztec origins for your name.
  6. Adapt common English names and use a Mexican accent.
  7. Combine elements of animals, plants and nature for a unique identity.
  8. Mix up sounds and spellings to create a unique name.
  9. Play with the language and have fun with syllables.
  10. Look to the unique fashion and jewelry of the Aztecs for ideas.

Aztec Names

Aztec names are a part of the history of the ancient culture and people of Mexico. Among the more popular names are Xipilli, Acamapichtli, and Yoloxochitl. All three are considered sacred and are used in various rituals. There are a few other names that are not quite as well known.


Xochitl is an Aztec baby name and it has multiple meanings. The name is associated with a goddess, Xochiquetzal, who is considered to be the patron goddess of beauty and pleasure. This goddess was also considered to be a symbol of youth. In addition, Xochitl was a consort to the water god Tlaloc.

Xochiquetzal is often associated with flowers. Because the Aztecs had a strong connection between flowers and sexuality, Xochitl was often shown as a young woman. Usually, she was dressed in clothing with flowers. She was a patron of lovers, craftspeople, and weavers.

Other names of Xochiquetzal include Ikniutli and Yolihuali. These names mean "face" and "heart" in Nahuatl. However, you can also find other versions of Xochitl, such as Teicuih and Erendira.

Xochitl is the last of the twenty auspicious days in the Aztec calendar. It is a day for creating beauty and truth. This is also a bad day to repress your desire.

Xochitl is an Aztec name that has a long history. It is believed to have originated in Oaxaca. Some of the people who worshiped Xochiquetzal included the Toltecs and the ahuianime. They were the patrons of lovemaking and creation. Xochitl was also a sanctuary for priestesses. Xochitl was always portrayed as a young woman, surrounded by flowers.

Many people believe that the meaning of a child's name can affect its future success. Many choose names that have a positive meaning. Xochitl is a beautiful name, as it is a symbolic name with several meanings.


Xipilli is a special Aztec name for boys. It is derived from the Nahuatl word xipilli, which means "jeweled prince". The name carries the meaning of "One of fire". Xipilli is also used as a short version of Xochiyotl, a flower name.

Xipilli is an Aztec name that is short and has an elegant sound. Xipilli is also a name with a mysterious meaning. Xipilli is a boy's name that is usually given by religion.

Xipilli is a baby name that is perfect for a baby with a warrior spirit. Xipilli is also an ideal name for a child that is born in the year of the dragon.

Xipilli is also referred to as a "jeweled prince". This name is also an auspicious name. Xipilli is based on the Nahuatl word xipilli, meaning "jeweled prince."

Xipilli is an elegant name. This is an Aztec name that has a rich history. Many people with this name are related to the Aztec culture. Another reason for this name is its luster.

The Aztecs created the calendar. In the Aztec calendar, there are 20 symbols. One of the symbols is the Aztec goddess Xitllali. Other symbols include Xolotl, the God of death and lightning. Aside from that, the Aztecs also named their girls after a deity. Some of the girl names are Xochiyotl, Tonalnan, Yolotli, Xocotzin, Erendira, and Tlachinolli.

Xipilli is one of the many beautiful Aztec names. Xipilli is an Aztec baby name that is also popular for boys.


Acamapichtli was the founder of the Aztec imperial dynasty. He was the first king of Tenochtitlan, an Aztec city-state, that was built in the early fourteenth century.

The rulers of the Aztecs wore headdresses with feathers of a blue-green bird called the quetzal. They were also required to give a tribute to the sun god. A tlatoani (king) was appointed by the council of district leaders.

According to legend, Acamapichtli was born in a Toltec city, Culhuacan. His father was a prominent Mexica warrior. His mother was a daughter of the Culhuacan king.

King Acamapichtli ruled the Aztec Empire for eleven years. After his death, his son Huitzilihuitl succeeded him.

Despite his relative lack of experience, Acamapichtli ruled Tenochtitlan with great success. During his rule, he built a number of temples in the city, and he built the chinampa - a floating garden system that surrounded the city.

Acamapichtli was also a renowned speaker. He eloquently addressed the calpulli, or the representatives of the four neighborhoods of Tenochtitlan. He also married a large number of women from these neighborhoods. These marriages created strong alliances between the Tenochtitlan calpulli and the Aztecs.

When he ruled, Acamapichtli had eight sons. One of his sons, Itzcoatl, became tlatoani.

In addition to ruling Tenochtitlan, Acamapichtli's empire dominated Mesoamerica. The name of Acamapichtli is still in use today. However, the name is not a popular one in the United States.


If you're searching for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider a name from the Aztec culture. Many of these names are unique and beautiful. They are often inspired by nature, astrology, or the Mesoamerican culture.

Meztli is an Aztec name meaning moon. The Aztecs believed that the moon was the cooling counterpart of the sun. So, you can find many Aztec names referring to the moon.

Tonaltzintl is another Aztec name that means "moon goddess". It is pronounced tohn-alt-zintl. You may also find it used to refer to a blue-green feather.

You can use Xipilli as an Aztec name for a boy. This name is a great choice if you are looking for a baby name that represents a noble person. Also, Xipilli can be shortened to Xip.

For a girl, there are plenty of Aztec names that you can choose from. Some of the most popular names are Tayanna and Taya.

These names are both beautiful and melodic. You can also find a name referring to the moon, the earth, or the water. However, if you're looking for something more unusual, you can use an Aztec name that relates to animals.

You can find a variety of Aztec names for boys as well. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from names such as Xiuhtecuhtli, Toltecatl, and Toltec. All of these Aztec names have a very unique and powerful meaning.


There are many Aztec names, some with more powerful meanings than others. A good example is Coaxoch, which is a traditional Aztec girl name.

Another good Aztec boy name is Xoco. It means "youngest" in Nahuatl. You can use this name for boys or girls.

Other names of interest include Quetzalxochitl, which is a classic Aztec girl name. Also, Xipil is a noble name for a child. Izel, which is a feminine name, means unique. In fact, Izel was used until the late era of the Aztecs.

The Aztecs used a system of name giving dividing it into five categories. One of these is a world name, which is based on the gods. This was a name given to the child by an astrologer, who would determine the astrological sign of the baby's birth date.

Another world name is tlalticpactoca, which was a name based on natural phenomena. These were given to the child during the prehispanic period.

Some of the other Aztec names include Chicomecoatl, which is an Aztec goddess of corn. Tonalnan, which is an Aztec goddess of light, is also a great name.

Aztec names have also been associated with honor. One of the most well-known Aztecs was the emperor Itzcoatl. He was a prolific ruler who expanded the Aztec Empire.

The Aztecs' warriors were also given special privileges by the tribe. The most ferocious of them were the Jaguar Warriors.


Tepeyollotl is a Aztec name for a deity. It is a compound of the words tepetl and yollotl, and is usually depicted as a cross-eyed deity. The god is also known for being the Aztec god of caves. Often, he is also dressed in white.

Tlaloc is another of the Aztec gods. He is also associated with lightning, rain, agriculture, and the drought. A hummingbird is the deity's obverse. Other names for Tlaloc are Xipe Totec and Tonacatecuhtl. They are both deities who rule the 13th level of the Aztec cosmos.

In addition to these Aztec names for the gods, many of them have poetic meanings. Some of them are related to the pulque gods and have names that are also associated with the maguey plant. There are also names for other gods that have no connection to the maguey. These are the major deities.

These deities are listed below in separate sections. Each deity is assigned a specific day and has its own meaning. Also, each of the major deities are represented by a specific symbol. You can find these symbols below as well.

One of the most important deities, Xocotl Huetzi, is a pulque god. She is often referred to as the mother of Quetzalcoatl, but she is actually the mother of hundreds of Centzon Totochtin. During a feast of Xocotl Huetzi, a slave was sacrificed as a representative of the deity.

So many ideas, but can I use the Aztec names for free?

All random Aztec names created with this tool are 100% free to use without any need to provide credit (although we do appreciate the occasional shoutout). Be a little careful though, as there is always a small chance that an idea already belongs to someone else.

Is there a limit to how much I can generate with this random Aztec Name Generator?

There's thousands of Aztec names in this Aztec Name Generator, so you won't need to be worried that we'll run out anytime soon. Just have fun with it.

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