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10 tips for coming up with princess names

  1. Brainstorm a list of classic royal names from different cultures.
  2. Draw inspiration from works of fantasy fiction.
  3. Combine two names to create a unique spin on a classic.
  4. Consult a baby-name book that specializes in royal and noble names.
  5. Look to fictional princesses and royalty in movies, television and video games.
  6. Consider the origins of names and their meaning.
  7. Find popular feminine names in other languages.
  8. Research ancient history for regal names.
  9. Think of nicknames, shortening longer names.
  10. Mix up spelling to give a name a whimsical, unique feel.

Princess Names

There are a lot of princess names to choose from. You can find them in books, movies, or even on the internet. But which princess name will you choose? The answer is very important.


Anastasia is a popular girl's name. It originates from Greek and means resurrection. The name is also very popular in Eastern Europe. During the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks overthrew the last Tsar, Nicholas lI.

According to legend, Anastasia was the daughter of Nicholas lI. Her parents were part of the Romanov dynasty. She was born in Cetinje, Montenegro.

During World War I, Anastasia visited wounded soldiers. However, she was unable to escape the killing of her family by Bolsheviks in 1918.

There are several theories about her death. Some claim that she was cut up. Others say that she was saved. But the real Anastasia did not remember anything.

Besides being a princess, Anastasia is also an olympic champion gymnast. When she was eight, she had long, light red hair and flawless, fair skin. At age 11, she had grown to be about five feet and nine inches tall.

As a child, Anastasia loved dogs. She had one dog named Shibivik. However, she lost the pet after the dog had a brain disorder.

In the film, Anastasia played the part of a sweet and artistic character. She was able to distract the Tsarevich when he was ill and needed a distraction. This was done by playing a guitar and balalaika.

In the film, Anastasia and her husband were living in Crimea. They had a love story. After the wedding, they moved to Italy, where they remained for a short time.

When the Bolsheviks overthrew Russia, the Romanov family was put into a fake shelter. During that time, Anastasia's daughter became wild and tripped up servants.

Anastasia's daughter was an inattentive child. As a result, she climbed trees and tripped up servants. Eventually, she was caught by Bolsheviks and killed.

Anastasia's name was originally given to daughters born around Christmas. But the name's popularity waned during the 1930s.

Her story has inspired numerous movies. Despite the fact that the real Anastasia is a dead woman, she remains a beloved figure.

Several women have claimed to be Anastasia's real identity. Her genetic tests have concluded that she does not match the Romanovs.


Sofia is an ancient name with several meanings. It means wise or brave, and it is associated with divine wisdom in Christian theology. Several monarchs have carried the name, including Sophia of Hanover.

Other notable names include: Sylvia, Sofiya, and Zofie. There are also many variants of the name.

The Princess of the First is the title given to the main character of the series, and her name is one of the most notable. As the princess of the first, she is able to communicate with her animal friends and helps to keep the kingdom of Enchancia safe from evil villains. She is also a major contributor to the happy endings found in unfinished books.

In the show, Sofia goes on many adventures. One of her most noteworthy feats is saving the Mystic Isles from the evil crystal master Prisma.

In the series, Sofia is also a key player in the battle against a sorceress named Vor. When she encounters her in an episode, the two begin an unlikely partnership. Eventually, they are able to defeat her.

Princess Sofia is the daughter of Queen Sofia and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. They have two sons, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel. They live in the villa where Bertil, the previous duke, lived.

A blogger recently pointed out that Sofia's mother has a darker complexion in the concept art. Despite this, the producers of the show have deliberately kept details of her ethnicity under wraps.

Another interesting fact is that Sofia is the first Latina princess in a Disney animated project. Although her name is not a milestone, it is a clever play on the word 'princess'.

Some other noteworthy mentions include: the name Sophie, and the amulet which links all the princesses in a magical world. However, the best name in the series may be the one which is least noticeable.

For the longest time, Sofia was considered to be a mere gimmick. But, thanks to a new television show, the name has been re-introduced to children across the country.

Sofia is a fun and exciting name, and makes a good royal name.


Amalia of Orange is the first female to hold the title of Princess of Orange since 600 years ago. She is the heir apparent to the Dutch throne. Until she reaches her eighteenth birthday, she will not claim an income. But her title will become formal once she takes up her seat in the State Council.

She was born on 7 December 2003 in The Hague, Netherlands. She is the eldest child of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. She was baptized by Reverend Carel ter Linden on 12 June 2004.

When she was young, Amalia spent her holidays with her family in Argentina. They would often play together on the beach. However, they eventually settled in the Eikenhorst Villa in Wassenaar. As she entered adolescence, Amalia attended primary school in the city of Wassenaar.

Amalia's younger sister, Alexia, was born on 26 June 2005. Their mother, Maxima, and father, Willem-Alexander, lived at the Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague.

Amalia of Orange studied economics and psychology. She graduated with distinction in 2021. She was accepted to the University of Amsterdam's bachelor's degree program.

She attended Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar from 2007 to 2015. She participated in Model United Nations conferences at MUNISH. In addition, she enjoyed horse riding and singing. During her gap year, she cycled to her local school and volunteered at a mental health center.

She has spoken openly about her mental health struggles and how she would help others if she had the opportunity. She also expressed support for LGBT issues.

Amalia has not revealed the exact name she would like to use. It is expected to be revealed at registration. Despite her ties to the royal family, she has not been photographed or photographed at events with the Royal Family. Her parents are keen to keep her out of the public eye and out of the spotlight.

According to a 2011 survey, Amelia was ranked #30 among the most popular names. However, she is now back on the top 1000 list.

The Princess of Orange has not yet decided what she will study in college. However, she has visited several schools in The Hague.


Serena is a princess name in the Pokemon universe. She's the daughter of Queen Serenity, the ruler of the Moon Kingdom. Her first appearance was in the anime Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!.

She's a bit rebellious at times, but she has a strong bond with her mother. Serena's mother wants her to become a queen. She also has a knack for training and hopes that her daughter can find the prince she's been looking for.

Serena is often a good friend to Chloe. They both help each other out when they're sad. In addition, Serena often comforts her sister.

As a young girl, Serena was always late for school and had trouble doing her assignments. However, her mother's persistent encouragement helped her make friends.

Later, Serena entered a competition for the Princess Key. She got the highest vote count and was allowed to move on to the finals.

Serena then became the star of the Hoenn region. After her victory, she began to earn local attention and participate in contests. But when she discovered that she was unable to dance with Ash, she became upset. During her time in Lilycove City, she worked with her team to beat Team Rocket.

Serena also participated in the Pokemon Showcase, where she received the most votes and earned a spot in the Freestyle Performance. She then went on to battle in the Master Rank competition.

Despite her success, she often shirked her responsibilities as a member of the family. However, she bonded with Bonnie, her sister. This bond allowed her to protect Bonnie when she's in dangerous situations. When she found out that Aria was her twin sister, she secretly thanked her.

Serena has several nicknames. Her most commonly used nickname is ziyziyan. Alternatively, she can be referred to as tsuki no usagi, meaning 'Man on the Moon'. Depending on the context, she may also be called Sabina.

Like many Pokemon, Serena is able to match her name with a musical giggle. If you're interested in downloading a free Serena graphic, click here. You can print it out and put it in your baby room!

So many ideas, but can I use the princess names for free?

All random princess names created with this tool are 100% free to use without any need to provide credit (although we do appreciate the occasional shoutout). Be a little careful though, as there is always a small chance that an idea already belongs to someone else.

Is there a limit to how much I can generate with this random Princess Name Generator?

There's thousands of princess names in this Princess Name Generator, so you won't need to be worried that we'll run out anytime soon. Just have fun with it.

For even more ideas and some additional options, be sure to also check out the Princess Name Generator over on The Story Shack.

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